Just wanted to share this picture of my crow-friends Max and Mona.

Some of you probably know them from last year. Other than my BCF (best crow friend) Hinkemann and his little lady Fae, who’ve had challenging lifes and hardly made it through. Max and Mona are happy crows without a worry in the world, despite their own difficulties.

It is amazing to see how their whole worldview is different. Max and Mona do not see danger everywhere. They do not sense threats. They see opportunities and fun. They are constantly playing and joking (unless they are raising a little one, which is when life becomes stressful for even them). Max and Mona look at the sunny side of life, and they come to visit me whenever they feel like it.

Hinkemann, now he is a serious crow. And he is super loyal. He is always there, even though he has been torn a bit because his partner (Lady Fae) is still afraid of me. He protects her and needs to be with her, at the same time, he is loyal to me and wants to join me on our night walkies just as he has always done.

On top of it, they have lost most of their little ones due to a nest-malfunction this spring. And that made Fae even more hurt. They could not prevent their little ones from dying, meanwhile, Max and Mona made it through just fine.

Life just does not seem fair, sometimes, right?
But a lot of it comes from the way they approach stuff. Their decisions are very often based on their past (bad) experiences.
And so their past shapes their future.
And bad experiences seem to shape more difficult futures than good experiences.

Unfortunately, there is so little I can do to help Hinkemann and Fae to get over it. Hinkemann is actually thriving. But he is obviously very sensitive to mobbing. Which is why he took little Fae under his wings. She is younger, also a mobbing victim. and she is still in a much, much darker place. She reminds me of Hinkemann during his worst days. I swear to you that crows can have depressions.

Hinkemann had my back then, and that’s where our strong bond comes from. Fae now has Hinkemann … but she does not have a bond with me. It will take time.

That is why little Momo (Max & Mona’s baby crow) grew up on our window-sill while I never got close to Hinkemann & Fae’s baby crow (the one that survived the ice).

A lot to think about.
My human says it is about trust and consistency and giving them time.

Well … I sure hope I’ll have enough time.

Anyway, I wanted to share this picture of happy Max & Mona at the human-playground early last night. they like the human playground. Maybe because it is such a happy place full of laughing baby-humans …
But maybe it is because baby-humans get yummy food and usually drop half of it.

Max & Mona like to sit on the very top of the climbing thingy. Best view. Day & night.

We are about to go out for another fantastical walkie! I will check on your comments from yesterday, later on, today, after my nap. I am more tired than usual. I hope that is ok.

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