July 2015


Due to a new WordPress-theme for this website, not all of my cartoons & comic-stips are presently visible (they need to be reprogrammed first in order to show up again!)
Most of the other stuff, too.

And it is going to take a while until we look pretty again. Sorry for that.


February 2015

Dear Friends & Comrades,

at present, there are a lot of discussions going on with our publisher. They want to change the whole production schedule for the books my human is working on. And they want to have more rights for the books about me. My human declined. They are in a deathly stare-match right now. Not sure how that will turn out.

Some of you know that we were asked to provide merchandise.  Here we go!

More website-news:
we installed a plugin for Facebook comments. Because most of you seem to be on Facebook with me and it is easy because it uses the same avatars and tools and no one has to register separately.
Now I just have to remember posting here first – which I never do – which is why all of you stick with me on Facebook …
The lure of convenience!

Oh well, I’ll work on it.
Eventually. :o)

Wet nose-nudges from

Little Hunterman


January 2015


This is going to be a great year, believe me?
Why? Because we will MAKE it a great year.
All up to us, anyway.

My human has been off the grid to work like a maniac.
It’s been getting worse and worse with her. So Flynn and I are brainstorming about what to do to change that.

Meanwhile Flynn and I were featured in a Terrier magazine again. Yayyyy!!! That’s sooo cool!
Terrier Revue
little Hunterman


December 2014

Merry Christmas!!!!

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy … and think of me.

We have introduced my WEE-mail now.
Well, that’s just how doggies do it, you know?

And we have cookiessants!!
(croissants + cookies = cookiessants)

And whoever is getting my wee-mail, also gets the recipes as soon as we test them.
Check them out.

Nose-nudges & cookiessant-bellies,
Your little Hunterman


November 2014

Yayyy ….

But our content has not.
We’ll test this site out first.

What will happen now?
We added “drafts” for books Flynn and I are working on. All work-in-progress. Just so you know. The whole process will unfortunately depend on my human’s time to illustrate our fantastic texts. That might take a while given her funny job.

Until then, look around and let us know what you think, will you?

Your little Hunterman


September 2014

Some of you are probably wondering where I have been since August.
I’ve been right here. Seriously. I swear!

20.000+ Friends on Facebook!!! YAYYYY!

But there is a glitch with this wordpress-theme and Lassal did not have the time to do anything about it. She was a bit sick due to overworking, so I let it pass. After a short pause she went on to post almost exclusively on Facebook for the time being.

What will happen now?
A little transition.

Lassal will switch over from doing the cartoons to publishing the book she promised to me and my friends. She is going to publish it pagewise on this website. This way everyone wins. Cool, right?

Starting on the first of November.

Cannot wait to see you there!


July 2014

Amazingly, we surpassed the 15.000 Facebook friends on the first days of the month, and that despite the fact that Lassal has been in her job’s merciless grip throughout the last 6 weeks. And we essentially only had a sequence of reruns, due to that. Very annoying (the reruns), utterly amazing (the new friends). THANK YOU!

Lassal now started to work on the text of the first Little Hunterman Book. She’s had it planned for a while, but never got around to do it. With her clients summer pause looming ahead, we have a good chance of getting the first book in time for Little Hunterman’s first anniversary – wouldn’t that be cool?!


May 2014

How cool is that? We just surpassed the 10.000 Facebook Likes today (May 15th).
That is totally amazing considering that Lassal is still inundated by her 24/7 concept artist job. As a result she cannot do most of the longer comic strips she has planned, but needs to resort to simple cartoons.

It looks like this will be the way it is as long as she keeps up her concept artist job as the money source.

I know she has plans and stuff up her sleeves. But I do not know what it could be. At present, I am taking what I can get and am happy about it. We’ll see what the future brings. But 10.000 FB-Friends might impact future decisions and processes.

10.000 is quite a number for a little Hunterman like me.
And I thank all of you!


April 2014

The Facebook-Likes jumped to over 4000, and the month is still young!
(I just reached 5000 amazing fans in the night of April 12th – Thank you soooo much! It really means a lot to me to know that you are caring.)

At the same time, Lassal has been swamped with client work, having had to skip a couple of days of cartoon-drawing.

That’s what I call: bad timing!

By looking at the statistics, Lassal also noticed that my homepage has not really been accepted by my new friends. Maybe because the theme looked a bit old fashioned and stiff, not really encouraging a nice chatter.

The reason this worried her a bit, is that she wants to use the blog to test things for the promised book of mine (yay!) – which would be utterly useless if no one actually looked at the stuff here on the main website.

So now she is experimenting with the design for my homepage along with the redesign of another of her websites.

Paws & Fingers crossed that this does not turn out to be a huge waste of time.
(Unfortunately, websites tend to have this tendency)


March 2014

The Russell Revue No.1/2014 (published by the Parson Jack Russell Terrier Club of Germany e.V.) is going to go to the printers much earlier than originally scheduled (so it needs material now instead of in May). Unfortunately Lassal had not drawn the cartoon for this issue yet – so it will have to be printed without me :(.
She should be preparing the content for the next issue in advance now, just to be on the safe side the next time.

Since the 2nd of March I have a blog!
(It is not 100% set up yet, but it is a blog nonetheless. MY blog. Sweeeet!)


February 2014

The Facebook-Likes jumped from 130 to over 1000!

Lassal came up with the idea to draw yearly charitable illustrations that would be distributed to several online stores like Cafepress, Spreadshirt and Zazzle (coming up). The royalties for these illustrations would be donated to different causes, depending on the originating store.
It’s a test. We’ll see how it works out this year and maybe adjust later on.

Lassal thought of a concept for the first Little Hunterman Book. Now it is all about finding the time to actually DO it.

(I’ll feed her, bring her my bones, give her a lot of love and bark at potential clients to keep them from giving her other assignments.)


January 2014

Lassal set up several online stores with Cafepress, Spreadshirt and Zazzle for her charitable work. And while at it she opened stores for me, too. The big task is to find the time to illustrate for the content – and to set up the content in the stores. It is all quite a time sucker.

We all went for a week at the beach. There was a lot of (real) Hunter photography going on during this time. I think it’s kinda cool that Flynn and I are based on a real rubberduck & dog – even though I can do a lot of stuff that the real Hunter cannot :o).
Then again, HE can carry real sticks, which is kinda awesome. And I cannot. That sucks.


December 2013

This month saw the very first offer from a (dog books & magazine) publisher, soon followed by another. Not mentioning names here, because Lassal has not decided on anything yet. All the parties agreed that it was too early for a book (not enough material for one yet), but the publishers wanted to get the ball rolling.

Wow, THAT was neat!
And quite a boost of confidence!


November 2013

Little Hunterman featured on a full page in Russell Revue No. 3/2013 (published by the Parson Jack Russell Terrier Club of Germany e.V.)!
That was sooooooooooo coooooooooollll!


October 2013

Lassal gave a speech about the potential of self publishing for illustrators (and other visual artists) at the Frankfurt Book Fair. She also met and talked to a lot of colleagues, including some who were drawing cartoons for a living, which intrigued and inspired her a lot.

In her speech she used her charitable project Fingeralphabet.org as an example for niche publications that are only financially possible due to the concept of indy-publishing. She wished she’d have a non-charitable project to compare it to, one that people would have less problems identifying with.

Shortly after the book fair, on October 18th, Lassal uploaded the very first “Little Hunterman” cartoon.
It was a rather spontaneous step. One that worried her a little, too, because she knew how much work a cartoon is.

She also knew that she had no clue about cartoons, that her acquaintances in real life and on Facebook (mostly “serious” artists and documentary photographers) would run away screaming if they found out about it, that she had a 24/7 working day already … and that she really wanted to try this out.
Worst case, she thought, she would stop again. Probably soon.

In the last days of October she finished with a very minimal website for Little Hunterman using a Comic-WordPress Theme and opened up a couple of Social Media accounts, even though she NEVER EVER has time for that.
She decided to copy the cartoons everywhere and then just check the performance and proceed only with what worked the best.

Having always worked as a freelance concept artist for international coorporations and commercial agencies, she had never had any project anywhere close to this and had absolutely no clue about what she was doing.
She was certain she could learn, though, and that it could be a fun experiment, and that it would take forever because she only had minutes to spare for it each day.

(Guess I am a lucky little Hunterman to even exist … wow.)


October 2012

Lassal drew a little online cartoon about Hunter, her Parson Jack Russell Terrier, and his friend Flynn, the rubber duck. She merely wanted to play around a bit with new drawing-apps on her iPad, blog-features and various sliders she was testing.
That’s how I was born. I was nothing more than a side-note.
A means for an end.

When the testing was done after a couple of weeks, she quit the cartoon.
I was devastated.

Thankfully, I was not the only one being disappointed. A couple of friends started to nudge her to bring me to life again.
(I’ll be forever in your debt!)



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