Little Hunterman: Me and Me

Surprise: There are TWO of me!
Totally coolest, right?

Seriously, though, the world might be full of mind-boggling mysteries, but how I, a totally for real Parson Russell Terrier, ended up becoming a fearless cartoon doggie, is definitely one of the mostest mind-boggliesting mysteries of them all.
(Right up there with why we have to put up with evil bath monsters.)

No one ever found out what fantastically magical forces made my human come up with my illustrated doggieself (but it must have been a truly earthball shattering event).

Little Hunterman - origin

Come to think of it, no one ever figured out why I became obsessed with croissants, either.

Little Hunterman - origin

Then again, if my human had only drawn me a wee bit biggerjust so I could’ve reached the yummy croissants on my own… 

(And then humans wonder why we doggies have to beg.)

But that’s life, I guess:
All the bits and pieces are never really well thought through ahead of time.
Life is a fill-in-as-you-go kinda thingy.

So that’s why I try to do just that: to fill my life with as much fantastical stuff as I can manage — like with long walkies in the rain, which are THE bestest doggienose treat EVER! Even though Flynn would never join me on those. He fears rain like crazy.

And, to be fair, it is totally my fault he’s so scared of water. It’s a sad but true little story.

See, when I was still a puppy, barely months old, I had to make my first big dog decision:
To comfortably stay with my doggie family in a totally safe, predictable, and orderly home-place…

Little Hunterman - chaos

… or to follow my newfound humans to a fate unknown and possibly full of mighty challenges and lifethreatening doggiedangers.

Obviously, this was a total nobrainer for a fantastically fearless Parson Russell terrier like me.

And so I went into the wild to conquer the world.

Little Hunterman - vacuuming hero

I even got my very own little bed in my very own little basket. Plenty of undisputed room just for me. I liked it a lot. 

Little Hunterman - worries

My basket had this fantastically soft cushion and an extra orange blanket. Then I would add my mostest important toys of the moment, the ones I thought I couldn’t live without.
I’m sure you know what I mean. Everyone has things they think they cannot live without. Even humans, right?

And some nights, when I simply couldn’t decide on what I wanted, I’d totally try to stuff ALL of my toys into my basket.
Then it would get a tiny wee bit crowded. 

Little Hunterman - worries

But then, as the weeks passed, I started to notice the terrible dangers in this new world — like sudden gushes of wind coming from kinda nowhere, weird shadows moving all by themselves in front of open windows, and other totally worrisome stuff.

From that moment on, it felt much safer to close the front gate of my little basket house for the night. 

Little Hunterman - worries

At least at FIRST, it did feel safer.

But because I was not used to being alone, I’d get terribly upset when I’d wake up all by myself in my basket in the middle of the night.
So my human let me sleep next to her.

Little Hunterman - worries

This way all it took was a quick sniff to check that my human was with me and that both of us were safe. That’s the magic of a fantastically powerful doggie-nose for you.
(It also helped to sleep on my human’s hand just to make sure.)

The new arrangements made me feel much less anxious.

Then again, it did not take me long to find more stuff to worry about.
From my newly elevated sleeping
place, I could see right through the apartment window
onto the big, unknown outside world. 

And my doggie logic told me that WHATEVER was out there would now totally see me, too!!!

Thankfully, we found a satisfactory way to deal with this new nighttime threat.

Little Hunterman - worries

Big bonus: I’m a November doggie — so these were my very first flowers EVER! And they were orange, too, my mostest favorite color. Coolest, right?

With my nighttime worries solved, I could finally fret over my daytime problems. That’s because my new human did this crazy work-thingy, see? And even though she usually worked from home, she could not keep playing with me non-stop as she had done in the first weeks.

I had to find new things to do…

Little Hunterman - Destruction

… and new friends to do them with.
That’s how I met Flynn.

Little Hunterman - Destruction

Fortunately, it turns out that I’m a total expert in the friend-making department.

Little Hunterman - Destruction

Too bad that I had already chewed off his tail, though, turning Flynn into the first-ever rubberduckie afraid of sinking. It made him a wee bit grumpy.

Little Hunterman - Flynn

See what I mean?

Flynn’s proper name is Admiral Flynn van Kwiitsch, from the Mighty Everlasting Rubber Duck Fleet. He comes from the Chinaland which sit on the other side of the Earthball from where we live today.

When it’s day over there, it’s night right here and the other way around. 

Little Hunterman - day and night

Weird, right?

Even after crossing the big PacificOceanwaters to our side of the Earthball, Flynn never got used to the switched around dayandnight time rhythm.

That’s why Flynn is always awake during our nights and mostly asleep during our days. We try to make the bestest out of it by taking turns watching each other’s backs.

Little Hunterman - daytime watch

At night, while I sleep, Flynn reads books or secretly borrows my human’s cell phone thingy to wander the interweb-places.

Little Hunterman - nighttime watch

He gets to read the mostest amazing stories. And then he tells me everything during our morning walkies (until he falls asleep, that is).
It totally works for us.

And that’s also when we prepare our fanstastical antigrumpiness Monday Cartoon Wees.
(You can sign up on my website to get these via wee
mail, if you want.)

In our Monday Cartoon Wees, we inform our humans about totally important need-to-know doggie stuff. And then, once we have enough cartoon & comic material that fits together, it ends up in a new Little Hunterman book.

Just like the stuff in this book is from our first ever batch of cartoon-wees. 

Coolest, right?
If you continue reading, we’ll totally show you.  

Little Hunterman got the Croissant

“What do you mean by this was YOUR breakfast croissant???”

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