Lots of drunken people in very weird clothing and with even weirder behavior outside in the streets.
Better to stay at home. In safety. Under my fantastical carnival covers.
But that’s just me. :o)

(I think Flynn is out there, somewhere, dressed up as a yellow swan.)

My excuse is that Lassal just backed shortbread at 11 pm and it smells delicious. Hard to leave a place that smells like shortbread.

Yes, I said 11 pm.
Yeah, that’s just like Lassal: No concept of time. None whatsoever.
She was born into the wrong time zone.


On a totally different agenda:

This is my VERY FIRST blog post!

Is that cool or what?!
Yeah, we have the cartoon archive here somewhere (check the menu), but even though I tried, it always felt off to write anything in the cartoon section. It just did not make much sense because the words got buried beneath all kind of stuff and nobody really saw it. And IF anyone saw it, they surely would not have felt invited to comment.

That is why I ended up spending all my time on Facebook instead of here – at home. I did not even finish decorating this place because it felt so sad and empty.


I like Facebook, really. I will go on posting there and commenting: it is soooooo much fun!
But what if they go away one day?!
Then I would lose all of you and that would surely depress me a lot.

So I asked Lassal to see if she could find a way to make the links from FB to my blog work and she promised to give it a try. She obviously did not promise me that it would work – but if you are here and reading this, then it DID! YAY!!! My next found croissant goes to you!
(Um, well, let’s settle on half of it, ok?)

So, well, I KNOW that people give presents and stuff if others sign up to your mailing list. And I have to admit that I do not have any present. Not yet. I am thinking about it and about where this journey might be headed and what would be suitable for it. (And what I could convince Lassal of making for my friends – CRUCIAL!!!!)

Right now you would just make me feel very happy if you signed up. Because it would mean that I could keep in touch with you even if Facebook explodes tomorrow. Righto?

I just have one mailing list so far, and that is the one below. I hope that’s ok???
We have no book yet anyway … And I do not want to pester Lassal too much, she’s just too stressed out right now.

But I so love it!!!! My FIRST BLOG POST!!!!

Ok, back under cover.


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