Little Hunterman standing guard

This is my original self-me wondering if it is safe to turn my groomed little back to the window to grab something to eat. Or if wild beasty birds will enter the apartment the very moment I look away.

We have three windows overlooking the kitchen, including a roof window (the most dangerous one, believe me!). And I am just one little Hunterman to guard all of them. Tough call.

Anyway. My fur is finally groomed. Not my face though. Because they always make me look like not-me and Lassal hates that. Also, because my groomer had been away for so long, my second layer of fur is already starting to get a little shaggy itself. The third layer is already out. This time it was definitely too long between grooming sessions.

I am still guarding those windows.
And I am still hungry.

Does anyone have a croissant for a little overworked Hunterman guard-dog?

(The croissant would just be for my little cartoon self, of course – even though both of us like it)


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Totally fun,
fantastically "doggie".
(With a pinch of "rubber duck".)

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