Hinkemann got Christmas sausage today. And I’m quite sure it was MY(!!!) Christmas sausage!!!!! Humpf.

Then again, he does look a bit thin, does he not? He was quite happy about the sausage, too. And he did not get anything to shred as I did. 
He was standing in front of the living room window all evening looking inside and I BET that he wished he could have shredded one of the packages together with me … That’s really sad. So I guess it’s ok that he got my Christmas sausage.

Do you see the mess at the window? Pigeons!!!!!

That’s a fantastical bird corner because the wind does not catch and there are these little fency things to sit on.

Pigeons keep trying to invade the place and making a mess in the process. I cannot but jump onto the table and bark from the inside to try to scare them off, which admittedly does not impress them much anymore.
Hinkemann is a big help. He does the outside patrolling. But sometimes it’s even too much for him. Pigeons are crazy things.


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Totally fun,
fantastically "doggie".
(With a pinch of "rubber duck".)

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