Dear Friends,

it’s really cool and exciting for me that you’re here on my site!!!

Right now, in case you are wondering where all the old cartoons are: my website got a new look and all the old posts need to be reassigned before they can show up again.

This will be done in bits and pieces over the next days and weeks – depending on how much free time Lassal will have to do this.

Still, the new material will all be here from the get-go. You won’t miss anything new.

At present, most stuff and most of my friends are on Facebook, so that the other social media pages got a bit neglected in the extremely busy last weeks (Lassal works too much, what can I do?). My human will update everything as soon as this website is done.

Why you should come here then, and not stay over at Facebook?
That’s a good question, and so far I did never have a good answer besides that some people do not like Facebook & Co.

The cool thing on this NEW website – which was the main reason for investing in the new look – is that you can go to the BLOG and see everything in a neat little row. Like in a book, you know? Chapters. Scenes.

And that’s basically the idea. That’s where this will be going. And so it will get different and MORE (!) content than the Social Media sites.

But first, Lassal needs to reassign the material and finish remodeling the content.

So, you might want to get onto the mailing list and lean back. Or just peak in here once in a while to see how far things are and if we have already some of the extras up (not telling you the details now, because it is going to be a surprise!)

I’m totally looking forward to having you here!
Thanks for being my friend.

Paw-wave and nose-nudge,

Little Hunterman



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