The Big World According to Little Hunterman presented by EIAI


Happy New Year !!!!!   


Instead of the planned Christmas present, the book became a New Year’s present.

I know I had announced the book in 3 separate parts but maybe you heard that Facebook was having issues during the past weeks. Well, unfortunately, these issues did affect our little chatbot.

He went to sleep a bit and woke up with a stutter, the poor little guy. Chatbot-flu, anyone?

So, instead of waiting for the Facebook fix, my human went ahead and chunked the remainder of the book and prepared everything in one go.

Type this comment/message: 

If you have NOT said “hi” to EIAI before, then you’ll be taken through a welcome-message-string. That’s mandatory, I am afraid. It is a Facebook rule. But once you are through it, type “Book1” and off you go!

EIAI is doing much better, thankfully.
No more stuttering. No more running chatbot-nose.

My human went through the story-thingy twice and everything worked just fine.

But please let us know if we missed something or if there is a glitch.

My human is working on the ebook now. All my friends will be able to download it once it is done.  

So if you find the Messenger version too slow. Then wait for the ebook. 

LOVE to all of youuuuuuuuu!!!!!


(and extra short stories)

Totally fun,
fantastically "doggie".
(With a pinch of "rubber duck".)

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