Rainy here today. Which is totally awesome when I am outside and digging my mud-holes –
but totally NOT awesome AT ALL when I am inside the apartment with the windows open.

It is a concept thing, you know?

On a separate note. Lassal has done 90% of her first book of that series of 36 (!).
The first book is always the big headache because there is just sooooooooooooo much to decide. And every bad decision comes back to bite you (=her).
So she ended up having to redo large parts several times in different applications before she was happy with the results.
That’s just how these things are.

And it will be the same with my Little Hunterman book – regardless of how she’ll end up doing it.
Once all the decisions are done, and the format, and the navigation, and the layout and the number of pages, and the cover-concept, and the colophones, and … then it is only about changing the content from book to book. In the case of this series it will be the easy thing to do. Ufff!

So, she is reeeeally thankful to all of you for having been this patient so far.
She’ll take a break from the book production tomorrow to work on some new cartoons for me, YAY!!!!
(I deserve it too, I was VERY nice to her and mostly left her in peace)

So this is good news, folks!!!

Little Hunterman Daily Cartoons 2014-03-17, WATER


#dogs #reruns #Water&Water


(and extra short stories)

Totally fun,
fantastically "doggie".
(With a pinch of "rubber duck".)

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